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Tawnydog Productions is an independent production company that produces new work by Erin Murray Quinlan and her collaborators.


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Erin Murray Quinlan has been producing theater since 2005, and with Tawnydog since 2017  She has produced shows at the A.R.T.'s Club Oberon in Cambridge, Off-Broadway at the Players Theater, multiple venues in London, Oxford, and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Read about her writing and compositions at


Evan Quinlan wrote for and acted in multiple productions with the 11:11 Theatre Company in Boston, for which he also served as Marketing Director. He also co-produced God Save Queen Pam Off-Broadway with Tawnydog and 'Brain Hemingway' at Greenside @ Infirmary Street and @Nicholson Square for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Prime Tawnydog Indiana (2011-2023), Vice Tawnydog Porthos

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